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Manual Disconnect Switches

GIGAVAC was founded in 2002 by a small group of individuals who sought to launch a company with customer service as the cornerstone. The original tag line, Today’s Experts in High Voltage Relays, was a testimony to the decades of experience in the engineering design, manufacturing, and application service of sealed switching products brought to the company by its founders.

Opening the doors of a modest facility on March 31, 2003 GIGAVAC established a center for operations including the testing and shipping all GIGAVAC products. At that time the original product line of high voltage relays was manufactured at our partner owned and operated company in the PRC. The GIGAVAC product offering also included a line of high voltage and RF reed relays private labeled for GIGAVAC. Sales soon grew allowing GIGAVAC to manufacture more products at their California facility. This growth also allowed GIGAVAC engineering to focus on using their expertise to develop a new technology tackling the challenges of high power switching in a sealed contactor. The result is the patented EPIC line of sealed contactors introduced in late 2006. EPIC contactors have always been manufactured exclusively at GIGAVAC in the USA.

Gigavac The Gigavac products.
Part# Contact current Contact config Seal Type Operating Voltage Overload Load Switch Capable
HBD21 HBD21 200A SPST hermetic 1000 2000A-1 min yes
HBD31 HBD31 300A SPST Hermetic 1000 2000A-1 min Yes
HBD41 HBD41 400A SPST Hermetic 1000 2000A-1 min Yes
BD BD 500A DPST O-Ring 32 2x2000A-1.5 min Yes

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